Restoring wood to it's original beauty
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- chemically abrade and refinish the wood topcoat, requiring no sanding. Instead, the technician employs low-speed a (175) buffer and medium-grade buffing pad.
NO FUMES- the chemicals produce no hazardous fumes, so there is no need for special ventilation during application.
WOOD FINISH- is twice as durable as conventional wood finishes and does not yellow as it ages.
MINIMAL DISRUPTION & MESS- the system takes less than one day to complete without messy sanding, and in 2 hours after two coats, they can go lightly on their wood floors. In 24 hours, the wood floor is fully rejuvenated!
PROFESSIONAL RESULTS- high quality products from RPM's Wood Finish Group, a leader in wood coatings.
The Wood-Solv finish is more durable than competitive finishes, with 5 times the solids.
COST-cuts down to less than half compare to sading and it's environmentally friendly.

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