About Mel's Floor Refinishing

Locally owned & family operated, Mel's Floor Refinishing has been serving Minnesota and Wisconsin since 2004. We are experts on resurfacing wood floors and bringing their shine back to the way it used to be. The durable finish will withstand any high traffic, both in your home or office. The key to long lasting wood floor is to catch wood floor finish problems early, before the bare wood shows through the finish. Then, our Dust-Free Floor Refinishing will restore your floor without the dust and hazardous fumes. This will save you money. We look forward to serving you!

  License #: IR690898
  Experienced professionals will make your floors look brand new.
  Motivated, highly-trained experts committed to their work




Chemically abrade and refinish the wood topcoat. We require no sanding. Instead, the technician employs low-speed a (175) buffer and medium-grade buffing pad.


Cuts costs in half compared to sanding and it's environmentally friendly.


Process takes less than one day to complete without any messy sanding. In 2 hours after two coats, customers can lightly walk on their wood floors. In 24 hours, the wood floor is fully rejuvenated!


Twice as durable as conventional wood finishes and does not yellow as it ages.


High quality products from RPM's Wood Finish Group, a leader in wood coatings.


The chemicals produce no hazardous fumes, so there is no need for special ventilation during application.